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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

Program Introduction

The field of Logistics Management & Supply Chain Management has evolved into a science in its own right. Today, it is crucial to utilize organizational resources efficiently and minimize additional non-value adding movement of goods in the supply chain. Expertly managing the cash tied up in the distribution network and the inventory, but at the same time, keeping the customers satisfied to the maximum has become absolutely crucial for today’s Logistics Managers.

In this age of globalization, free trade and same-day deliveries caused Supply Chain Management to become more and more critical to organizational success and sustainability. With millions of parts being produced in one continent and shipped to be assembled in other thousands of kilometers away, the performance of a supply chain department can make or break an organization. Supply Chains are the ultimate source of competitive advantage. All the functions of supply chain (Purchasing, Inventory Control, Warehousing, and Distribution) must work seamlessly and in cohesion to ensure products are delivered timely, in pristine condition and at minimum cost. This program is designed to equip you with the competencies you need to be a modern Supply Chain professional where quality, price, delivery, and service are essential.

This seven days program is designed to give you in-depth insight into these concepts and to equip you with necessary best-practice tools and techniques in order to implement them. By understanding the available tools and the hurdles and hindrances in the process and the expected outcomes, you can stay ahead of the competition and be at your peak performance as a Logistics & Supply Chain Manager.

Program Methodology

The methodology used is designed to encourage maximum participation by all delegates. The presenter will suggest ideas and theories to the delegates and then encourage them to test out the ideas by the use of discussion, small group work, exercises and feedback. Each day of the seminar will end by delegates completing their own record of what has been learned on the day and considering how the ideas might be transferred back to the workplace.

Program Objectives

After attending this program participants will be enabled to:

  • Understand the complexities of Logistics Management and Planning
  • Introduction to processes used in Logistics Management, including outsourcing, network design and distribution center management.
  • A walk through of what logistics managers and planners need to know to understand the benefits of good Logistics Management, tools and resources required to achieve significant savings on inventory cost while keeping high customer service.
  • Discussion around what currently happens in business and the challenges the participants have come across.

Target Audience

  • Supply Chain Professionals and Purchase, Supply, Distribution & Inventory Materials
  • Those who need to develop their limited understanding of Supply Chain Management
  • Those who are looking for business gains and benefits from managing their supply chains more effectively
  • Logistics Managers
  • Senior Supervisors
  • Directors and senior managers who have responsibility for, or involvement with distribution and warehousing
  • Consultants and Advisors
  • Graduates and postgraduates who require a greater understanding of the warehousing functions
  • Personnel and human resources managers with responsibility for the distribution and warehousing functions
  • Staff involved in the tender process for warehousing services

 Target Competencies

Understanding Supply Chain Management

  • Why Supply Chain Management
  • Defining Supply Chains and Supply Chain Management
  • Customer Orientation
  • Development Trends

Global Supply Chain Operations

  • Global Business Environment
  • Strategic Challenges
  • How Global Supply Chain Responded
  • Current Trends in Global SCM

Supply Chain Design and Planning

  • Supply Chain Configuration
  • Extent of Vertical Integration
  • Outsourcing and Offshoring
  • Capacity Planning
  • Bullwhip Effect

Lean Supply Management

  • Origins of the Lean Manufacturing
  • Lean Supply Principles
  • Focusing on Cost-to-Serve
  • Drivers for Lean Supply Chain
  • Lean Process Mapping Tools

Agile Supply Management

  • The Need of Agility
  • Agile Supply Chain Concept and Framework
  • Competing on Responsiveness
  • Getting it Right from Within

Purchasing and Supplier Selection

  • Strategic Role of Purchasing
  • Purchasing Portfolio
  • Supplier Selection
  • Tools for Supplier Selection
  • Towards Knowledge-Based Sourcing

Relationship and Integration

  • Supply Relationship Defines
  • Close Partnership
  • Strategic Alliance
  • Relationship Dilemma
  • Supply Chain Integration

The Future Challenges

  • Creating Customer-Centric Supply Chain
  • Managing Supply Networks
  • Watch the Dynamic

Managing Logistics

  • Setting Logistics Strategy
  • Logistics Issues and Priorities
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics in the supply chain
  • Legislation & Statutory Requirement
  • Organizing Effective Logistics
  • Managing Transport Effectively
  • Designing the Best Distribution Network
  • Security in Distribution
  • Outsourcing and tender process

Registration Information

Program Dates: 17 – 21 June 2019

Registration Closes on: 20 May 2019

Program Fee: $2950

Fee Covers:

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