Procurement and Project Management Consultant

Mr. Donny’s background builds upon 12 years of extensive experience in procurement, project management, and administration. He has overseen multiple projects in Oil and Gas Industry, Served as Project and Procurement Engineer in Mechanical Equipment Fabricator, and Project and Procurement Expeditor in Upstream Oil and Gas companies. As of now, he holds the position of Project Procurement and Contract Administration Manager at PT. Patra Badak Arun Solusi.

Besides the above, Mr. Donny has 2 years of experience working in manufacturing as a maintenance engineer and test development engineer. He was featured as an international speaker in China Sourcing Summit on Petroleum and Chemical Equipment (CSSOPE) held in Shanghai in 2018.

Mr. Donny has a bachelor’s degree in Physics Instrumentation and a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the University of Indonesia. He holds 2 certifications in the Supply Chain Field – Certified Professional in International Supply Chain (CPISC) and Certified Professionals in Procurement.