Business Development Consultant

A Highly Experienced & Successful International Business Development Professional

Born on the Island of Malta and having grown up in a multitude of countries, Mr. Moe has a unique insight on the importance of cultural immersion in the process of developing International Markets.

Mr. Moe started his career in International Business Development within the Tourism Industry in Egypt and later moved to China, where he lectured on business management and verbal communication at both private and public institutes.

Within three years, Mr. Moe was appointed by the Chinese Government as the Chief Marketing Planner Assistant Director of the ZhangjiaJie Municipal Tourism Bureau. Within ZhangjiaJie in Hunan Province lies Wulingyuan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Chinese Government’s rare and bold decision to appoint a foreigner was amply rewarded by Mr. Moe’s preparation of detailed plans to promote the city for international tourism.

Mr. Moe then both initiated and developed the International Export Department for Losberger Shanghai Co. Ltd, a German reloadable structures manufacturer in Shanghai, successfully extending its business to four continents.

Mr. Moe had also worked with RöderHTS Höcker GmbH a German-based manufacturer of reloadable structures. He spearheaded their international sales efforts in South-east Asia from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After which Mr. Moe moved on to serve Heytex Industrial Textiles a German Industrial Textiles manufacturer as Regional Manager for Asia pacific.

Mr. Moe engaged with Defense Unlimited a Canadian International Security & Defense Consultancy. He also served as Director of Yoveee Group an incoming travel business promoting Malta to the Chinese Outbound Travel Market.