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Program Overview

Crowdfunding is a modern way of funding businesses online, by means of running public funding campaign. Crowdfunding Academy is dedicated for people with interesting business ideas and projects,  but not enough initial funds for their realization. Innovators, creators and entrepreneurs who want to know more about sourcing money from the crowd to fund their business ideas, projects or ventures are the main target of this course. The Academy is also an amazing source of insights for business angels, supporters and investors who want to know what it means to fund a project or venture and how they can benefit from it. Crowdfunding academy will increase your chances of raising funds by up to 65% by providing you with a strong strategy and guidelines on the type of content to create to attract the best investor for your business idea.

By attending this five days Academy, the participants will be able to define: 

  • Crowdfunding basics
  • Pre-campaigning steps
  • Running the campaign
  • How to conduct the post-campaign
  • Crowdfunding tools and resources
  • Successfully launch own crowdfunding campaign

Who should attend?

Crowdfunding Workshop in Shanghai, China has been specifically designed for individuals and companies who have great business ideas and who seek for financial support to make their ideas real, i.e., this program is essentially important for the entrepreneurs, owners or co-owners of  start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs ) without previous crowdfunding experience, small and medium enterprises  (SMEs ) with previous crowdfunding experience, consultants, incubators and public institutions supporting SMEs, investors, business angels, national and international banks and financial consortiums and more.

Program Contents

Module 1: Crowdfunding basics

  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • History of Crowdfunding
  • Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing
  • Crowdfunding Terminology: Basic Terms
  • Crowdfunding Triangle
  • Campaign Terms
  • Crowdfunding Framework: Crowdfunding process
  • KIA vs AON
  • Use of Crowdfunding: Examples
  • Taxes and Crowdfunding
  • Why hire a Crowdfunding consultant?

Module 2: Pre-Campaigning

  • Organize your Crowdfunding campaign
  • Identify> Prepare> build
  • Prepare! Start a pre-launch page
  • Prepare! Produce a campaign video
  • Prepare! Write campaign texts
  • Prepare! Write FAQs
  • Prepare! Plan fulfillment process
  • Prepare! Clarify legal issues
  • Build! Open account on platform & add profile and all steps that follow
  • Setting up payment profile
  • Campaign test and adjustment
  • Publishing the campaign

Module 3: Campaigning

  • Generate> Engage> Update
  • Generating activities
  • Engagement activities
  • Update activities

Module 4: Post-Campaigning

  • Finish your Crowdfunding campaign
  • Thank > Fulfil> Grow
  • Produce the product/ service
  • Reward supporters
  • Establish a Crowd-business
  • Turning Crowdfunding into eCommerce

Module 5: Tools for Crowdfunding

  • Resources on Crowdfunding
  • Guidebook by the European Union
  • EU-wide initiatives
  • Platforms
  • Regional Portals
  • Communication tools
  • Pre-Launch: Landing-Pages

Module 6: Exercises and resources

  • Case studies
  • Develop your own crowdfunding campaign under the mentorship of the consultant.

Registration Information

Program Name: Crowdfunding Workshop in Shanghai, China

Program Code: CP21S

Program Dates: 26 – 30 April 2021

Registration Closes on: 28 February 2021

Venue: Riverview Hotel

Program Fee: $3250

Fee Covers: Visa Assistance (complementary), Participant Assessment, Airport Pickup, Accommodation, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Workshop Kit, Interactive workshop, Program Materials, Local Expert, Practical Activities, Lunch, Refreshments, City Map, Field Visit, Certificate & Entertaining Tour.

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