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Reshaping Dementia Care

Explore the implementation of the Dementia Village model in France, a future-proofed alternative to the dementia wards of the nursing homes of the past.


Dementia care calls for innovation and this eJourney will help you to think out of the box

Currently, 50 million people are living with Alzheimer’s, according to the World Health Organization. In France, 200.000 new cases of Alzheimer’s add up each year, currently reaching to 1,2 million citizens.

Studies show that 43% of this population needs a high level of care equivalent to that of a nursing home, adding dramatically to the pressure over the dementia care sector.
This unsettling context has urged the French department of the Landes to think out of the box in the expansion of its dementia care offer. The Village Landais Alzheimer is the outstanding outcome of this effort, a new model combining efficiency and quality of life in dementia care.
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