Job Placement

At Risalat we believe in innovative workforce solutions be it temporary staffing or permanent placement. Our dedicated team has earned the trust of numerous well-reputed and highly respected companies, thus Risalat tops the list of consultancy companies of choice. We deliver on the promise and therefore strive to fully match the needs and requirements of both the employer and the employee. We firmly presume that successful relationships can only be built on mutual trust and satisfaction.

Our solutions are strategic and purposeful, considering legal, fiscal, and socioeconomic aspects as well as market specifications. We honor each client of ours, thus we reward them with a fully tailored approach that considers unique needs. Do you want to take advantage of our resource and connection pool? Do you need help in Search for the next opportunity? Whether it’s a full-time career move or a temporary role, Risalat can be your best partner on your next job hunt.

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