On Job Training (OJT)

Even the most skilled, experienced, and educated employees require training and guidance while joining a new company. On-the-Job Training (OJT), also known as On-the-Job Learning (OJL), can be a great way for knowledge transfer and integration for both the employers and the employees. OJT is a hands-on method for teaching those skills and competencies that need to be applied in practice when performing specific job duties.

Companies can approach OJL in many different ways. Some organizations take a structured approach, while others prefer unstructured methods. Many entities employ blended learning as well, where they combine several training techniques for value maximization.

Structured vs Unstructured

With structured OJT, the employer usually creates a specific training plan that determines the steps and the milestones to be accomplished. As a general rule, the plan shall include task checklists, supervisors for each assignment, and the objectives. Structured OJT’s require more time, resources and efforts to be set up. However, such an expense is justified by higher efficiency and level of accountability.

Unstructured OJT involves the teaching and supervision of newly hired member by a more experienced employee. Sometimes, supervisors can be more than one. Unstructured OJT is relatively simple and easy, requiring fewer resources and time. However, it is less efficient for jobs that involve many complex tasks and specialized skills.

Standalone OJT vs Blended Learning

For certain roles, standalone OJT might prove to be sufficient and effective. This is the case for relatively simpler positions, where the newly hired member already has experience with similar duties. However, for more complex roles, the blended learning approach is highly recommended. It employs multiple forms of instruction and knowledge transfer. By combining the benefits of different methods, the blended learning approach is deemed to be more effective. Especially for those roles that include complicated tasks and require specialized skills.

Do you need help in choosing the best approach for Your Company?

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