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Program Overview

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) are a set of accounting standards issued by the IPSAS Board created to public sector entities around the world. The aim of IPSAS is to improve the quality of general-purpose financial reporting by public sector entities, leading to better informed assessments of the resource allocation decisions made by governments, thereby increasing transparency and accountability. In this course participants will be able to meet the challenges of IPSAS to secure the benefits of improved financial management and help achieve organizational objectives and goals. The program is fully compatible with most recent IPSAS Handbook, hence covers all the updates till the date.

Target Audience

The program has been designed to suite the following:

  • Government Officials & Project Managers responsible for IPSAS transition
  • IFRS & IPSAS Implementation & Maintenance Teams
  • Finance & Accounting Managers of Public Sector Entities and other non-governmental organizations
  • Accountants and finance staff at all levels involved in the preparation of financial statements
  • Consultants dealing with IPSAS and Financial Reporting
  • Anyone who requires an understanding of international financial reporting standards within the public sector.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this training course, the attendees will have a quality understanding of:

  • IPSAS requirements, Accounting Policies and Disclosures
  • Requirements and Benefits of Accrual Based Accounting
  • Links and implications to and for broader strategies: Financial Management, Taxation, Asset Management, Governance and accountability
  • Best Practices of IPSAS Application
  • Contributions to the strategic consequences of IPSAS.

Program Contents

  • Definition and Overview of IPSAS
  • The development and Brief History of IPSAS
  • Activities of International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (IPSASB)
  • The standards – Conceptual Framework
  • The conceptual basis of government accounting
  • IPSAS governance structure
  • Public Sector Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • ERP systems work stream
  • IPSAS 1 – Presentation of financial statements
  • IPSAS 2 – Cash flow statement
  • IPSAS 3 – Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates & Errors
  • IPSAS 14 – Events after the reporting date
  • IPSAS 17 – Property, Plant & Equipment
  • IPSAS 16 – Investment Property
  • IPSAS 31 – Intangible Assets
  • IPSAS 21 & 26 Impairment of Non-Cash-Generating Assets & Impairment of Cash-Generating Assets
  • IPSAS 23 Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions
  • IPSAS 9 Revenue from Exchange Transactions
  • IPSAS 12 Inventories
  • IPSAS 19 Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
  • IPSAS 39 Employee Benefits
  • IPSAS 13 Leases
  • IPSAS 32 Service Concession Arrangements
  • IPSAS 4 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • IPSAS 28 Financial Instruments Presentation
  • IPSAS 29 Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement
  • IPSAS 30 Financial Instruments: Disclosures
  • IPSAS 35 Consolidated Financial Statements – Accounting for Controlled Entities
  • IPSAS 36 Accounting for Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures
  • IPSAS 37 Accounting for Joint Arrangements
  • IPSAS 40 Public Sector Combinations
  • IPSAS 18 Segment Reporting
  • IPSAS 20 Related Party Disclosures
  • IPSAS 24 Presentation of Budget Information in Financial Statements
  • RPG 1 Reporting on the Long-Term Sustainability of an Entity’s Finances
  • RPG 2 Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis
  • RPG 3 Reporting Service Performance Information
  • Overview of IPSAS 33 First-Time Adoption of Accrual Basis IPSAS.

Program Methodology

International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam an interactive training course providing a nice combination of direct instruction, analysis, numerical examples & evaluation of case studies. We encourage active participation of attendees in order to maximize the results.

Registration Information

Program Name: International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) Training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Program Dates: 25 – 29 January 2021

Registration Closes on: 30 November 2020

Venue: The Reverie Saigon

Program Fee: $2950

Fee Covers: Visa Assistance (complementary), Participant Assessment, Airport Pickup, Accommodation, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Workshop Kit, Interactive workshop, Program Materials, Local Expert, Practical Activities, Lunch, Refreshments, City Map, Field Visit, Certificate & Boat Tour.

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