Automotive and Mobility

The rapid development of new technologies and mobility offerings have placed the traditional auto value chain under threat. The demand for mobility services is heading for a revolution as customers’ needs and expectations are getting reshaped. A combination of megatrends like autonomous driving, electrification, and connectivity have become disruptive for traditional automotive businesses and prompted them to reinvent themselves.

Many Organizations ask themselves what they can do to win back the customers and sustain growth. Winners will be those companies that can adapt to changing market landscapes, develop capabilities, streamline operations, form smart partnerships, and foster innovation.

Risalat helps automotive companies to design and redesign business models in a way to unlock new value, amplify customer experience, and drive efficiencies. We draw on cross-functional expertise to deliver leading-edge solutions and shape the future of the mobility industry by employing advanced tech and digital transformation.

Our automotive and mobility consulting services cover a number of segments including:

  • Digitalization and Intelligent Functions in Automotive
  • Smart and Electric Vehicles
  • Co-Sharing Mobility/E-hailing Platforms
  • Automotive Aftermarket, Vehicle Parts, and Servicing
  • Supply Chain Digitalization
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Passenger Cars
  • Off-Highway Vehicles

Our seasoned experts can provide guidance in nearly every function from Strategy Setting, Operations Management, Complexity Management, and Cost Transformation to Smart Partnerships, Revenue Enhancement, and M&A. We are ready to accompany you across the entire journey from Product Development, Procurement, and Manufacturing to Marketing, Sales, and After-Sales Services.

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