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Contemporary world is leaning towards globalization, which means it’s getting more demanding day by day. Whether you are an individual, a small business or well developed enterprise, you need to go beyond borders. Cultural awareness, strong communication and advanced interaction skills can serve as a huge step forward and give you a great chance to develop both personally and business-wise. While, in contrast the lack of cultural preparation can lead to a breakdown in inter-company communication or a lost deal.

We at Risalat provide the unique approach to all of our clients. Whether you are a corporate or public organization that wishes to be more open for cross border relations or an individual, who wants to be more culturally competent we are here to assist you.

What we offer? We specialize in designing both exposure and entertaining tours. For business industry we provide the practical tools and techniques necessary to live and work in a multicultural environment. No matter if you are well experienced company in your field or just a start-up trying to enter the market, we can help you develop, innovate and learn more. We at Risalat can plan and organize the tour that matches best with your specific needs and requirements.

What if you are an individual who desires to travel and enjoy the world’s most beautiful scenes or just wants to spend a nice vacation with the family? We are here to make the journey comfortable and memorable, with less paperwork and time consumption.

Our offers include but are not limited to:

  • Complementary visa Support (if needed)
  • Airfair
  • Airport Pick & Drop
  • Ranges of Accommodation including meals and refreshments
  • Practical Activities, Tour Kit and Tour Materials
  • Entertaining & Sightseeing Tours.

Our deals are flexible as we strive to give you the exceptional experience. Specific inquiries can be considered and handled by our consultants.

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