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The contemporary world is leaning towards globalization, meaning it’s getting more demanding day by day. Whether you are an individual, a small business, or a well-established enterprise, you need to expand your perspective and go beyond borders. The importance of cultural competence, understanding of the international market, and one’s ability to work across diverse groups cannot be overstated in today’s fierce global marketplace. The best way to broaden your horizons is to actively and vocally invest in continuous learning, exploration, and change. And there is no better activity than traveling that can fulfill all those objectives and let you enjoy every moment of the process at the same time.

Risalat Travel Team specializes in designing both entertaining and market study tours along with industry exposures, Cultural Trips, Business Study Tours, and Immersion Programs. Whether you are looking for a hassle-free and truly memorable holiday or a business-trip that equips you with much-needed market knowledge, Risalat always has a unique solution to offer. We provide end-to-end travel arrangement and execution services that turn your plans into a comfortable, memorable, and valuable experience.

Match Your Needs and Requirements with Our Offers and Solutions:

  • Entertaining/Leisure Trips and Holiday Packages
  • Specialized Industry Exposures
  • Cultural and Immersion Programs
  • Business and Market Study Tours

Our Deals are flexible and can be tailored to your preferences. You can customize the inclusions and Match them with your budget and lifestyle. We offer:

  • Complimentary Visa Assistance
  • Flight Tickets
  • Airport Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • Inter and Intra City Transportation
  • Ranges of Accommodation from Budget-friendly to Superior and Executive
  • Meals and Refreshments
  • Entertaining, Sightseeing, and Leisure Activities
  • Health, Spa, and Relaxation Procedures
  • Local Culture and Heritage Study Trips
  • Specialized Immersion Activities
  • Market Study, Guidance, and Connection Formation
  • Industry Exposure Tours and Company Visits

The above list is not exhaustive. Feel free to request the service of your interest and our travel consultants will be happy to assist you. For detailed information and further questions, please contact us


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