Retail Consulting

The Global retail industry is undergoing a principal transformation. Changing rules of Customer Engagement, Rapid Technological Advancement, and Increasing E-commerce Domination on top of dramatic demographic shifts and renewed spending priorities have turned long-term viability and growth into a challenge for many companies across all retail sectors.

Risalat Designs Unique Solutions for Retailers across all sectors from Luxury and Apparel to Travel and Leisure. We help you analyze challenges and turn them into a competitive edge. Our Extensive Domain-Knowledge, Systems and Applications Expertise, and Collaborative Approach ensure your organization develops and thrives in today’s omnichannel environment.

Match Your Goals with Our Services and Solutions:

  • Growth Strategy Formulation and Activation
  • IT and Technology Strategy
  • Retail Applied Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Post-Merger Integration
  • Commercial Transformation
  • Digital and Multichannel Excellence
  • Operational Excellence and Performance Improvement
  • Sales, Marketing, and Organization

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