Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

In Contemporary world, a growing number of organizations recognize that they need to continuously educate employees, aiming to equip them with inevitable futuristic competencies essential for undertaking assigned duties effectively. Due to fierce competition and technological advancements, modern business world has become extremely ever-changing and tempestuous, calling for more technical expertise and organizational resilience. The process of boosting employee performance is quite challenging for a vast majority of organizations operating in any given field. Ascertaining the specific skills and competencies to be addressed and refined is exceptionally strenuous process, requiring extensive experience and mastery of analysis and research methodologies and techniques.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) or Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) is a systematic approach and a complex process that an organization has to undergo in order to diagnose and verify the set of training needs that have to be addressed within certain period of time, in order to enable the team to accomplish their work objectives as effectively as possible. Accurately Selected Training Programs can transform your business and increase the knowhow, supporting the organization to stay ahead of competition. TNA is an ultimate way to plot the route to training and learning success.

The process of conducting the learning needs analysis is time consuming, multiplex and multi-staged requiring the utmost expertise and knowledge. It involves Strategy Identification, Employee Behavior Analysis, Capability Assessment, Prioritization, Cost-Benefit Analysis and other numerous research and evaluation tools and techniques.  Poorly conducted Learning Need Analysis results in ineffective talent management that in turn affects employee productivity and motivation. Under or Overestimated Demand towards the entity workforce, can affect the overall organizational effectiveness and growth prospective. Hence, choosing the right provider for conducting the TNA is the first and the most important step to success.

Risalat TNA Solutions

Our subject matter experts at Risalat are true supporters of life-long learning, possessing exceptional understanding of the entire process of Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Risalat TNA helps organizations identify skills gaps and approach training in a holistic and, more importantly, cost-effective way. Whether these are gaps in finance, governance, fraud, procurement, contract management, HR, IT, Operations, Business Partnering or other skills, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done.

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