Programs & Workshops Worldwide

Over 18 years of successful track record working with the world's renowned institutions driving their growth and efficiency via our training programs, workshops, project implementation support, and much more!

Risalat program portfolio covers a wide range of projects, trainings, workshops, conferences, and other capacity-building initiatives worldwide accumulated over 18 years of successful collaboration with our partners. Our work is organized across 2 core domains:

  1. Standard and On-demand training programs and workshops

Risalat expertise covers training programs and workshops in more than 20 key industries. Our portfolio comprises online, offline, and hybrid programs with unique structures tailored to individuals and groups. All trainings and workshops are built upon contemporary adult-learning methodology with practical use at the heart of every design.

Nearly all programs have an exposure/industry visit component where our delegates can engage with subject-matter experts and peer professionals. The program structure allows participants to work on real-life problems, advance targeted skills, and close capacity gaps in their work performance.

Through our large partner network, we establish linkages and support the formation of useful connections. Knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices are deeply embedded in our training mindset. A smooth learning experience is guaranteed as a result of well-aligned cross-sectional work.

To meet individual needs, Risalat provides solo training programs, OJT, mentoring, and coaching. We specialize in designing and delivering on-demand group programs considering the individual characteristics of client organizations.

Our selection of learning methods and training tools is backed by evidence. We have a robust background in conducting technical needs assessments and customer-centered research.

Risalat has over a decade of proven results with humanitarian and development agencies, governmental institutions, and commercial entities. We have become a trusted partner for a large number of reputable organizations at a global level.

  1. Project Capacity Strengthening and Advisory

At Risalat we not only teach you how to perform tasks better but help you realize the existing potential in practice. Our team specializes in providing project and program implementation guidance and advisory services. We have years of experience in supporting project and program implementation in both developed and developing countries including in exceptionally complex contexts and conflict environments. A large share of our work portfolio comprises humanitarian and development projects. From the first response to emergency aid delivery, and from day-to-day operation optimization to rebuild and reconstruction initiatives – we have implemented them all.

Our multinational team consists of subject-matter experts skilled at supporting different areas of project work. We are ready to relieve your programmatic burden from the very first steps of strategic and operational planning to surveying and data collection and from implementation guidance to M&E and impact evaluation. What is more, we are famous for our innovative and tech—driven approach. We capitalize on cross-cutting knowledge and commercial expertise to derive better solutions in humanitarian and development work. Risalat drives better results in a faster and more economically efficient way with sustainability and Do No Harm at the heart of every arrangement.

In addition to the above, we drive growth across commercial enterprises in nearly every business domain. Our global team has worked with a large number of local, international, and regional businesses to drive greater profitability, optimized operations, and long-term growth.

Projects implemented or facilitated by us involve the following areas of work:

Humanitarian Domain
  • Humanitarian Access and Protection
  • Disasters/Complex Emergencies and their First Response
  • Education in Emergencies
  • Humanitarian Leadership and Cluster Coordination
  • Cash and Voucher Assistance
  • Gender and GBV in Emergencies
  • Humanitarian Financing
  • WASH in Emergencies
  • Refugees and Migrants
  • Data collection, coordination, and transmission in Emergencies
  • Communication in Emergencies
  • Safety and Security
Development Domain
  • Feasibility Studies for Development Projects and Programs
  • Infrastructure Projects – Construction and Reconstruction
  • Development Project Financing
  • Operational Support to Development Projects
  • Conflict Sensitivity and Analysis / DNH
  • Development Project Coordination
  • PPP Projects in Development
  • Social/Community Development
  • Economic Development
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Support
  • SDGs and Resilience
  • Green Projects and Environmental Resilience
  Governmental and Municipal Services and Delivery Domain
  • Government Procurement and Tendering / / E-tendering systems implementation
  • Governmental Services Digitalization
  • Municipal Waste Management
  • Governmental and Municipal Health Services
  • Pension Funds and Retirement Systems
  • Legal Advisory
  • Policy Advisory
Commercial Domain
  • Business Operations and Optimization / All core business areas
  • Petroleum Projects Development
  • Port Projects and Port Development
  • Airport Infrastructure Development
  • Tech in Business
  • Agriculture and Agribusiness Development


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