Consumer Products

Consumer Product Companies come in various shapes and sizes. They cover a heterogeneous assortment of product categories under different brands or divisions, with diverse target consumers, geographies, and distribution channels. Consumer Product Organizations have access to deep, rich sets of data that can facilitate strategic decision-making with greater confidence. However, at the same time, they face a number of daunting challenges, from fraught swings in commodity prices and eroded brand loyalty to sharp shifts in customer sentiments and escalated competition. Many consumer brands are forced to restructure their go-to-market strategies and develop new capabilities.

Risalat capitalizes on digital solutions and advanced data analytics to drive enterprise-wide growth across consumer product companies. Drawing on fact-based insights, we help you develop a winning strategy even amid disruption. With our contribution, your organization will be able to create cross-functional teams and harness the power of ingenuity in meeting customers’ ever-changing demands.

We partner and consult companies from nearly every consumer products’ sector including but not limited to food and beverages, luxury goods, shoes and apparel, personal care, household, and consumer durables.

Match Your Needs and Requirements with our Services and Solutions:

  • Commercial Due-Diligence
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Brand Portfolio Strategy
  • Strategy Activation and Execution
  • Capability Transformation
  • Data Analytics and Digitalization
  • International and Global Expansion
  • Pricing
  • Loyalty and Customer Experience
  • Segmentation
  • Operating Model
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Post-Merger Integration

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