Transportation and Logistics

The Transportation industry contributes to nearly every facet of commerce. It powers Economic growth and Quality of Life in many countries across the globe. An increasingly globalized economy, technological development, menacing competition, and more demanding customers have put transportation and logistics companies under unprecedented pressure to foster innovation, enhance productivity, and drive costs down.

Working in concert with a wide variety of transport and logistics companies worldwide, Risalat provides pragmatic, actionable insights and solutions that power growth here and now. Our expertise spans a broad range of areas from growth and portfolio strategy to product redesign and fleet and network optimization. With Risalat you will be able to leverage digital technologies and transform your business models achieving operational efficiency and performance improvement.

Match Your Goals with Our Services and Solutions:

  • Corporate and Business Growth Strategy
  • Planning, Financing, and Risk Management
  • Logistics and Global Supply Chain optimization
  • Process Redesign and Performance Improvement
  • Fleet and Network Optimization
  • Services Innovation
  • Digitalization and Data Analytics
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Value Engineering
  • Lean Construction
  • Commercial and Operational Excellence
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

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