The Housing of the Future

Build Your New Home within 24 Hours for just US$4000

House is not a mere building. It is the only place that nurtures, protects, and shelters its inhabitants, providing a sense of security, belonging, and privacy. Everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable lodging. However, although the need for housing is immense, not everybody meets the expense of having one. Ever wondered what would happen if you could literally select and print home of your choice for extremely low cost in no time? Modern Technologies are as close as never to constructing contemporary 3D printed communities that can be built within a day and cost as less as $4000.

Over the last decade, 3D printing has proved successful for many industries including Manufacturing, Medical, Robotics, etc.  The Construction industry appears to take great advantage of 3D Printing Possibilities as well. We can already observe printed cabins, offices, bridges, and shelters.

What does 3D Printing Stand for?

Harking back to the 19th century, Additive Manufacturing (AM) is not by itself a novel technology. 3d Printing, Direct Digital Manufacturing, and Rapid Prototyping are some of its subtypes. Fabricating three-dimensional models from computer-aided designs or 3D Object Scanners has recently become commonly accepted practice in a vast array of industries, including construction. Additive manufacturing has become an entirely new perspective for designing and crafting products. Its practices have saved weeks, sometimes even months of prototyping and manufacturing time, while avoiding errors and improving product quality.

What Makes 3D Printing So Appealing for Construction?

3D printing has become revolutionary for numerous reasons. The major advantages are listed below:

  • Reduced Lead Times – Additive Manufacturing can enable the producer to reduce the time from design to quality assurance and final product delivery to days from months
  • Product Customization – 3D Printing allows us to generate shapes that would be rather too expensive or even impossible to create otherwise.
  • Affordability – Even the large-scale industrial buildings can be structured and constructed for an incomparably low price
  • Sustainability – The houses crafted by 3D printers are environmentally friendly, as they can be built using biodegradable materials.
Meet the World’s First 3D Neighborhood

The US-based construction company ICON in association with the American non-profit organization “New Story” has created a revolutionary neighborhood in Tabasco, Mexico. The project features a 3D printed community that can accommodate around 50 insolvent families. Some of the houses are already completed, and the project is estimated to finish by the end of 2020.

Each house is about 46 sqm, with a flat roof, and can withstand seismic activity. Space features 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Earlier before the same company had constructed a tiny home with a cost of $10 000 within 48 hours. However, it gave the confidence about the possibility of reducing the cost down to $4000.


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