Functional specialization, coupled with technological capabilities and industry-specific knowledge allows us to employ a fully-tailored individualized approach to our valued clients.

Would you like to keep your footing in an ever-shifting landscape, not only coping with uncertainty but turning it to your advantage? Risalat helps you transform your organization and shape future success by providing strategic, technology-enabled business solutions. We can help you grow to your full potential through a range of management, operational, and technical assistance and devise unmatched solutions that meet your organization’s unique characteristics.

Business Services

From ever-evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies to more agile competitors and complex market.

Risalat Expedite

From ever-evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies to more agile competitors and complex market.
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Capacity Building

In this period of ceaseless technological development and immense economic growth.

Unique Approach

Risalat leverages real work and complements it with experiential blended learning.
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Career Services

Nourish your career development strategy, boost your self-awareness, and Move Beyond Competition.

More than a piece of advice

Move beyond the competition and nourish your career development strategy with the help of our consultants.
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Event Management

Combine Years of Experience with Customer-Centric Approach and Latest Technology to Deliver Impressive Business Events

Match Your Needs

We will take care of all features of your business event and make it a memorable experience for you and your invitees.
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Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Turn Mergers and Acquisitions into a successful global growth strategy and ensure you attain the highest possible value from every divestiture.

Innovation Champions

Improve your odds of success with Risalat, Capture Maximum Value from Corporate Acquisitions, and take pre-acquisition due diligence to a whole new level.
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International Education

Leverage broad, practice-based knowledge and extensive experience to plan for your education strategically.

Make the right choice

Our education consultants have one ultimate aim: to help students realize and demonstrate their full potential.
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