International Education

Leverage broad, practice-based knowledge and extensive experience to plan for your education strategically.

Deciding on your education plans can frequently be complicated. There are so many factors to consider, so many options to choose from. Many people require guidance when it comes to the selection of school, university, country, city, matching with the available budget, etc. Are you wondering how to plan strategically for your education? Do you want to make the right choice from the very beginning that can guarantee you a successful career and profession that you can enjoy on a daily basis? Our education consultants have one ultimate aim: to help students realize and demonstrate their full potential.

Risalat offers its clients a broad, practice-based knowledge and extensive experience in the field of educational consulting. Our packages include:

  • Student Self-Discovery
  • Academic Accomplishments and Strengths Assessment
  • Recommendations for necessary tests to be undertaken
  • Recommendations for necessary short-term programs
  • Resume and Cover Letter Creation and Assistance
  • Exploring Career Paths and Matching it with Students Interests
  • Identifying Best College Options based on student’s needs and requirements
  • Guidance on Financial Aid, Scholarships, Fee reductions, etc.
  • College Introductions and Tours (both in-person and online)
  • Preparation of application package
  • Submission of Application documents and full compliance with given guideline
  • Evaluating and comparing college acceptances and selecting the best option
  • Ready-to-go services: Visa, Residency, Travel Assistance, Accommodation Selection, City Host, etc.

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