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Risalat Consultants International Singapore - Strategic Performance M&E workshop

Advanced Public Financial Management Workshop in Bucharest, Romania

Advanced Public Financial Management Workshop in Bucharest - Risalat Consultants - Bucharest

Finance and Procurement Management in Amman, Jordan

Finance and Procurement Management in Amman, Jordan

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Welcome to Risalat Consultants International. Welcome to a whole new world! Enjoy being our valued guest! Risalat Consultants International is a world class consulting firm delivers latest solutions that lead to promising results. Excellent Training Workshops, Performance Management, Environmental Solutions, Study Visits, Smart Business Development Services, and much more!

Performance Management Systems

Systems that facilitate the attainment of individual and corporate goals. Our performance Management systems enable you to...

360 Degree Feedback

With 360 Degree Feedback including questionnaires, forms, and items including tools we will help you with your next survey...

HR Audit Surveys

This process is utilized to develop benchmarks and measures of Human Resources department performance. This is to make sure..

Business & Startup Consultancy

Take your business to another level! If you have an idea, or a running business, we can help. Ask us about Startup Strategy,

Performance ManagementOur Performance Management System delivers on promises. Success criteria at Risalat align with the client's mission. Once satisfaction is achieved, we break it down into figures & numbers that we see how much we have accomplished together!


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  • Business & Startup Consultancy by Risalat Consultants - Risalat Client
  • Ethical Leadership in Governance by Risalat Consultants by Risalat Consultants
  • Risk & Uncertainty in Oil & Gas Industry by Risalat Consultants
  • Importance of Agriculture & Agribusiness by Risalat Consultants

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Risalat Consultants' Collection While maintaining the highest quality possible on every piece of work we perform, Risalat Consultants strive to ensure that the client receives value-added services on every engagement and we exceed the client's expectations. Take a look to some of our activities here. Please contact us, if you need detailed portfolio of Risalat.