Training Course on Conflict Management and Peacebuilding in Istanbul

Peacebuilding is both structural and social process possessing an exceptionally complex and multifaceted nature. It requires significant amount of human, financial and institutional resources.
  • Divan Hotel
  • July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024
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Strategic Healthcare Management Training in Istanbul

In today’s fierce competitive and ever-changing environment, healthcare organizations are being confronted by the series of difficulties.
  • Midtown Hotel
  • June 24, 2024 June 28, 2024
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Islamic Banking & Finance Training in Istanbul

This program explores the different products and services commonly found in Islamic market globally and assesses the relative advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Divan Hotel
  • July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024
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Women Empowerment, Leadership & Professional Development Workshop

Empowering women is critical to any country, as it helps roll out underemployment and unemployment, promotes society development and reduces the poverty along with the scope of domestic violence.
  • Radisson Hotel President Beyazit Istanbul
  • August 12, 2024 August 16, 2024
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Sustainable Integrated Waste Management Workshop and Exposure

Rapid Urbanization and Increased Consumption of goods have turned waste management into a critical challenge of 21st Century.
  • Nippon Hotel
  • July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024
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Logistics & Supply Chain Management Workshop

Supply chain management is an integral part of organizational processes. Effective supply chain management systems can increase customer satisfaction levels, Reduce Operating Costs and improve the entity’s financial position.
  • Nippon Hotel
  • July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024
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Advanced International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Workshop in Istanbul

IFRS standards are designed to maintain credibility and the transparency in the financial world which enables investors and business entities to make appropriate decisions.
  • Midtown Hotel
  • May 13, 2024 May 17, 2024
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