Women Empowerment, Leadership & Professional Development Workshop

Program Date

12 Aug 16 Aug 2024

Program Location

Istanbul, Türkiye

Program Venue

Radisson Hotel President Beyazit Istanbul

Registration & Payment Deadline

20 Jun 2024

Program Overview

Over 65% of people living in the most extreme poverty around the world are women and girls. Meanwhile, two-thirds of illiterate people worldwide are also women. Therefore, it is no surprise that empowering women is a key pillar of sustainable development. Although equality seems like a simple task, in a reality it proves itself to be highly complex. Gender imbalance is widely spread and deeply rooted in social, political, and economical aspects of our lives. To create gender bias-free communities, it is essential to give women access to quality education, work opportunities, and political representation.

Women Empowerment, Leadership & Professional Development Workshop in Istanbul, Türkiye  has been specifically designed for women of all backgrounds and serves to provide essential leadership skills and drive for empowering contemporary women. The program help its participants develop a gender-sensitive approach with a detailed apprehension of gender roles, power of stereotyping, and the benefits of empowering women. The program also aims to turn its delegates into global equality ambassadors and thereby contribute to spreading gender awareness.

Target Audience

This intensive workshop is the best suit for:

  • Gender Officers, Specialists, and Consultants
  • Development Practitioners
  • Gender Focal Points
  • Social Safeguards Officers, Specialists, and Consultants
  • Members of Non-governmental, Governmental, and Intergovernmental Organizations interested in the topics of Gender Equality, Gender Mainstreaming, GBV, Leadership, and Women Empowerment
  • Gender Researchers and Analysts
  • Development Project/Program Managers.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of Women Empowerment, Leadership & Professional Development Workshop in Istanbul, Türkiye the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Gender Concepts, Key Definitions, and Patters of Gender Equality
  • Appreciate the Power of Gender Beliefs and System Influences of Gender Stereotypes
  • Understand the implications of Gender-based Violence
  • Comprehend Styles, Values, and Competencies for Leadership
  • Advocate for the role of women participation and inclusion in local development
  • Help Promote Educational Equality for Women and Young Girls
  • Appreciate the importance of Women Professional Development.

Program Contents

DAY 1 & 2

Section 1 – Gender Awareness, Equality, and Mainstreaming

  • Gender, Gender Concepts, and Key Definitions
  • Perceptions of Gender and Gender Lifeline
  • Gender, Women and Politics
  • The Power of Gender Beliefs about the Men
  • Gender Gap and the Patterns of Gender Equality
  • System Influences of Gender Stereotypes
  • Legal and Political Frameworks for Gender Equality
  • Gender-Based, Domestic, and Sexual Violence
  • Supporting the Survivors of GBV 


Section 2 – Women Leadership

  • Developing Self and vision for Leadership
  • Styles, Values, and Competencies of leadership
  • Qualities of a good leader
  • Women and Transformational Leadership
  • Interpersonal Development and Communication Skills
  • Managing and Responding to Conflicts
  • Women as Problem-Solvers and Decision-makers
  • Women Serving Diverse Interests and Empowering Each Other
  • Advocacy, Lobbying, and Networking
  • Gender Accountability


Section 3 – Women Empowerment

  • Women as key actors of local development
  • Women’s rights and human rights
  • Participation and Inclusion of Women in Economic and Social Aspects of Life
  • Understanding women in relation to their context and culture
  • Women as actors of their own improvement
  • Women as facilitators of change in communities
  • Social/Gender Dimensions


Section 4 – Women Professional Development

  • Education and Educational Equality of Women and Young Girls
  • Stereotypes in Curricula and Study Materials
  • Equal professional opportunities for women and men
  • Women as entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers
  • Promoting Women in Business
  • Self-care and work-life balance for women

Program Methodology

An action-oriented, highly participatory approach will be employed throughout the course, with particular attention paid to sharing each delegate’s experience with a view to adaptation and practical application. The presenter will apply modern adult-learning techniques in order to augment the effectiveness of the session delivery and achieve successful results. The methods deployed will include open presentations, group discussions, individual assignments, practical exercises, and case studies.

The last day of the program shall involve the guest speaker who will present the gender profile of the host country and the efforts made to minimize stereotypical approaches. At the end of each session, the trainer will request feedback and consider comments received for the coming days. This way program delegates will be able to demonstrate better results and maximize the understanding of the material covered.

Program Fee

Payment Options

Fee Covers

  • Visa Assistance (Complimentary)

  • Participant Assessment

  • Airport Pickup

  • Accommodation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop Kit

  • Program Materials

  • Program Experts

  • Practical Activities

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • Interactive workshop

  • City Map & Direction

  • Risalat T-shirt (Complimentary)

  • Field Visit

  • Program Certificate

  • Entertaining Tour

  • Program Report