Ships, Terminals, and Port Management

Facilitating the movement of goods worldwide, ports are essential transportation hubs. As trade expands globally, enhancing the capacity of ports, terminals, and ships management has become as vital as ever.

Oil and Gas Marine Terminal Maintenance, Safety, and Operations Optimization

This training course and study tour have been developed to equip professionals working in marine terminals with essential knowledge, contemporary tools, and techniques as well as crucial skills required to handle various issues associated with oil and gas terminals operation, maintenance, and safety.
  • IBIS Jakarta Senen
  • July 22, 2024 To July 26, 2024
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Workshop and Study Tour on Port Operations and Supervision

This workshop and study tour has been exclusively created by Risalat to aid the development of port supervisors and other professionals that are heavily involved in operational activities associated with cargo and passenger transfer.
  • Tugcu Hotel
  • August 12, 2024 To August 16, 2024
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Integrated Marine Spatial Planning and Sustainable Blue Economy Workshop

Oceans and Seas are the largest ecosystems on our planet. They play a crucial role not only in climate regulation but for the development of the world economy as well.
  • Hotel Des Colonies
  • August 26, 2024 To August 30, 2024
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