Health Management & Medical Care

Hand-crafted training programs, workshops, and study tours that expand the horizon of healthcare planning, strategic management, and patient care.

Strategic Healthcare Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop

Over the past few decades, the Healthcare sector has been progressing at exceptionally high rate. Thus, in order to meet the ever-changing demand and multifaceted challenges of the sector, healthcare professionals and practitioners are facing enhanced need for leadership and strategic thinking capabilities.
  • Regus Tbilisi - Vazha Pshavela
  • November 7, 2022 To November 11, 2022
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Workshop & Study Tour for Public Health Professionals in Taiwan

This 10 days’ Workshop & Tour will cover the fundamental concepts of collaborative leadership and clarify the multiple layers of influence that impact health.
  • Fortune Hiya Hotel
  • September 19, 2022 To September 28, 2022
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Workshop on Patient Safety and Quality Care in Nursing in Tbilisi

As evidence suggests, many healthcare organizations and workers around the world lack adequate resources, knowledge and skills that are crucial to meet the demands of modern health environment.
  • Regus Tbilisi - Vazha Pshavela
  • August 1, 2022 To August 5, 2022
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Hospital Management & Administration Workshop

Hospital Managers and Administrators prove to be the key drivers of success for any healthcare institution. In recent years, health sector has been transforming rapidly, calling for better healthcare experience and quality service delivery.
  • Regus Tbilisi - Vazha Pshavela
  • August 8, 2022 To August 12, 2022
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Strategic Healthcare Management Training in Istanbul

In today’s fierce competitive and ever-changing environment, healthcare organizations are being confronted by the series of difficulties.
  • Midtown Hotel
  • August 22, 2022 To August 26, 2022
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Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Training in Tbilisi

The program has been designed to further educate healthcare professionals regarding risks, strategies and skills essential for handling cardiac arrest and other cardiopulmonary emergencies.
  • Regus Tbilisi - Vazha Pshavela
  • September 12, 2022 To September 16, 2022
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