Strategic Healthcare Management Training in Istanbul

Program Date

9 Sep 13 Sep 2024

Program Location

Istanbul, Turkey

Program Venue

Midtown Hotel

Registration & Payment Deadline

31 Jul 2024

Program Overview

In today’s fierce competitive and ever-changing environment, healthcare organizations are being confronted by the series of difficulties. The majority of entities find it challenging to keep the pace with rapid technological changes and redesign internal policies to meet contemporary market needs. Traditional approaches to healthcare management have proved ineffective being more conservative in nature rather than resistant to changes. However, leading companies on modern market have clearly demonstrated that it is time for revolutionary strategic action that can allow Healthcare Entities as businesses to develop.

This extensive training course has been designed to address the aforementioned challenge and help healthcare professionals think and act more strategically. Engaging Healthcare Specialists in transforming the system requires focusing on shared goals, by using motivational tools: shared purpose, peer pressure, measuring performance, and enhancing a patient-centered approach. Our team at Risalat aims to ensure that program participants have access to world’s leading practices and can manifest advanced capabilities of organizational management and healthcare leadership.

Target Audience

Strategic Healthcare Management Training in Istanbul, Turkey is the best suit for:

  • Senior and Executive Level Hospital Staff
  • Hospital Board Members
  • Hospital and Healthcare Administrators
  • Department Directors
  • Chief Nursing Officers
  • Department Directors
  • Clinicians & other Medical Personnel with Supervisory or Managerial Responsibilities.

Program Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this intensive training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate Comprehensive Understanding of rapidly evolving relationships between providers, patients and payers
  • Institute Best Practices for Running smooth Medical Practices
  • Establish patient focused strategies, including strategic planning, across the organization
  • Leverage executive decision-making tools and formal methods for assessing healthcare plans
  • Gain Important Insights into the models of care and reimbursement
  • Lead and manage complex organizations’ crisis management while optimizing quality and safety best practices
  • Apply leadership capabilities to lead healthcare teams and projects to success.

Program Contents

Strategic Management
  • Strategic management in healthcare
  • Developing a mission and vision statement and strategic management steps
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Positioning the hospital for quality
Hospital Organizational Structure
  • Understanding the US and other global organizational structures
  • Managing and leading in complex organizations
  • Teamwork in healthcare settings
Financial Management and Forecasting in Healthcare
  • The organizational structure and responsibilities of hospital cost centers
  • Department and individual cost centers
  • Cost center management
  • Evaluation methods
  • The convergence of cost accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Insurance
Hospital Human Resource Management
  • Hospital strategic human resource management
  • Developing core values and human resource management
  • Understanding human resource management systems
  • Developing human resource incentives and control mechanisms
Hospital Information Technology
  • The implementation of hospital information management
  • Hospital information technology systems
  • Hospital information technology in process management
  • Security and privacy issues in Hospital information technology
  • Hospital information technology in quality and safety
Medical Service Quality Management and Improvement
  • Quality of medical services management
  • Performance tracking and incentives
  • Healthcare quality management methods and common tools
  • Emergency preparedness and crisis management.

Program Methodology

Strategic Healthcare Management Training in Istanbul, Turkey is highly interactive and deliverable oriented. Most of the session time will be dedicated to the practical application of the material covered. Theoretical studies will be enriched with group discussions, case studies, scenario analysis and individual assignments. Field visits are the essential part of the entire program, allowing the delegates to share the knowledge and experience of colleagues operating within the same field, as well as observe the local practices of the host organization in the real time.

Program Fee

Payment Options

Fee Covers

  • Visa Assistance (complimentary)

  • Participant Assessment

  • Airport Pickup

  • Accommodation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Welcome Dinner

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop Kit

  • Program Materials

  • Program Experts

  • Practical Activities

  • Lunch

  • Refreshments

  • Interactive workshop

  • City Map & Direction

  • Risalat T-shirt

  • Field Visit

  • Program Certificate

  • Entertaining Tour

  • Program Report