Bangkok, Thailand

Impact Evaluation of Public Policies, Programs and Projects Training

The program supports attendees with corresponding skills and knowledge for administering scrupulous evaluation of public policy interventions. The material covered is extremely comprehensive and includes all of the major aspects of the topic starting from the planning stage all the way through the designing, implementation and application of M&E system tools.
  • Eastin Hotel Makkasan
  • July 22, 2024 July 27, 2024
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Effective Budgeting and Cost Control Workshop in Bangkok

Budget Preparation is one of the major and most important activities for any commercial or non-commercial entity. It enables the organization to have a plan for future expenditures that can easily be compared to the actual ones.
  • Eastin Hotel Makkasan
  • May 20, 2024 May 24, 2024
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Non-Performing Loans Management & Debt-Recovery Strategies

A number of countries face the problem related to Non-performing Loans and their levels. Non-performing loans can be a heavy burden for banks, reducing their ability to extend credit to the real economy.
  • Eastin Hotel Makkasan
  • May 20, 2024 May 24, 2024
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Advanced Public Financial Management Workshop in Bangkok

Public Financial Management is an essential part of the development process. Sound PFM supports aggregate control, prioritization, accountability, and efficiency in the management of public resources and delivery of services, which are critical to the achievement of public policy objectives.
  • Eastin Hotel Makkasan
  • July 22, 2024 July 26, 2024
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