Discount Plans & Cancellation Policy


Standard fees stated on the website apply to all individual applicants. You Shall qualify for the discount if you register as a group. The group should consist of at least three people or more that are willing to attend the same training program/workshop. The discount rates are offered on case-by-case basis. To get detailed information and individualized offer please get in touch with one of our country/regional offices.

If you and/or your organization are members of Risalat Club, you will be entitled to special discounted rates, exclusive offers, and preferential terms. To get a detailed offer please contact one of our country offices mentioning your unique 8-digit membership number (in the format of RCM********).


Scholarships and Fee Waivers

Available Scholarships and Fee Waiver Opportunities will be announced on our Website’s News Page and Risalat Social Media. We offer a limited number of Scholarships for selected programs within the scope of CSR.

Please consider that sponsored places are oftentimes very limited and highly competitive. Award criteria will be published for each program separately once the call for application opens.




For Individual Registrations and Group Registrations on Standard Training Programs/Workshops

Risalat has amended its refund policy that was in effect till 11 December 2018. For registrations and payments made from this date onwards, refunds are no longer possible. Such a decision is driven by below circumstances:

  • Risalat is committed to maintaining top-notch quality of its training programs/workshops. Although the demand is high, we can only offer very limited places for each batch. Unless there is an exceptional situation, we cannot accept any new registrations after the deadline as we dedicate plenty of time to thorough preparation to meet the individual needs of registered delegates. Thus, any cancellation after the date will result in an idle place on the program.
  • According to the policy that was in effect till 11 December 2018, the participant was charged at least 50% of the full payment in case of the cancellation. Therefore, many of our clients and partners have been requesting for preferential terms for registration resubmissions and the option of rescheduling instead of cancellation.

From 11 December 2018, the participants are offered the following options:

  • Each participant is allowed to reschedule the training program dates up to a maximum of 3 times at zero charge within 1 calendar year from the date of registration. This offer is valid as long as the participant reschedules for the same program in the same location or in a different location but same price range.
  • The organization is allowed to change or replace sponsored participants at no charge as well within one calendar year from the date of registration. An extension of this period can be granted in special circumstances.
  • The organization can replace the sponsored participant while changing the program of choice as well. As long as the programs are priced at the same level.

Please note, that above offers are valid only if the participant/organization submits the relevant request to Risalat at least 7 Working days prior to the program start dates. Otherwise, the individual/organization will only be entitled to an exclusive discount voucher for registration resubmission in the future (should there be any).


For Exclusive Group Registrations and Custom-Made Programs

Risalat administers dozens of custom-made programs that can be designed and developed based on the clients’ individual requests and requirements. In case if you have registered for tailor-made training course or you have requested exclusive group training, you:

  • Shall be entitled to get a refund up to 50% of the total amount paid, if the request for cancellation is submitted at least 30 working days before intended program start date
  • Shall be entitled to get a refund of up to 25% of the total amount paid, if the request for cancellation is submitted at least 20 working days before intended program start date
  • In case if there are less than 20 working days remaining before the intended program start date, you shall not be entitled to any refund. In such situation, you can only receive an exclusive discount voucher for future registration resubmissions (should there be any)
  • You can reschedule the dates of exclusive group training or custom-made program for free up to 3 times within a year from the date of payment. This offer is valid only in case if you submit the request for rescheduling at least 10 working days before the intended start date of the program.

NB: All last-minute cancellations are treated as no show and are not eligible for refund.