The construction sector is one of the largest in the global economy with around $10 trillion being spent on construction-related goods and services yearly. Worldwide investment in construction and infrastructure projects is at an all-time high with the expected increase, yet governments and project owners are faced with unprecedented challenges in the form of skill shortage, lack of funds, or underinvestment in technologies. In contrast, those companies that are prepared to ride the waves of rapid advances in construction automation, and digitalization can enjoy gripping rewards.

Leveraging on its local, regional, and global expertise, Risalat provides an extensive array of services that can be fully-tailored to clients’ needs across every stage of the construction lifecycle. We help you capitalize on digital innovation, lean operating models, and structured M&A and deliver targeted outcomes with higher speed and quality. By combining cross-sector knowledge and deep domain expertise, we deliver truly impactful solutions that accelerate growth.

Our Advisory Services address multiple construction end-markets – residential, non-residential, and public sector/infrastructure and cover:

  • Construction Sector Digitalization
  • Smart City Infrastructure
  • Urban Development, Redevelopment, and Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Smart Building and Building Automation Systems
  • Eco-Friendly Buildings
  • Construction Materials and Building Products
  • HVAC
  • Building Utilities
  • Distribution and Retail
  • Homebuilding
  • Engineering, Construction, and Procurement (EPC)

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