The Contemporary world is becoming more academically ambitious day-by-day. Since 2000, the global population of college students has more than doubled. Although the growth of the educational industry is definitely huge, the institutions across the sector face multitude of challenges that are getting harder and harder to navigate.

Our seasoned experts at Risalat help primary, secondary, postsecondary, and vocational institutions reimagine their cultures and educational models, thereby enabling 21st-century learning. We lead on-the-ground engagements with Formal Institutions, Vocational Training Providers, Governments, and Philanthropic Organizations in a number of countries and regions across the globe.  We help you design and establish tailored governance and accountability practices, streamline core processes, and harness education technology.

Match Your Needs and Requirements with Our Services and Solutions:

  • School System Reforms and K-12 Transformation
  • Higher Education Strategy Development
  • Academic Program Assessment and Improvement Plans
  • Facilities Master Planning
  • Education Technology
  • Alternative School Models
  • Education-to-Employment Solutions

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