Power and Utilities

Our World runs on utilities. After a long period of relative stability, the power and utility industry has opened a new chapter of development where change and uncertainty dominate the market. Traditional Utilities face a number of complex challenges from stringent regulations to disruptive technologies and increased competition. Decarbonization, Decentralization, and Enhanced Focus on Climate Change are speeding up the evolution pushing the power and utility companies to create new value pools and source new revenue streams.

Risalat Advises a diverse range of Clients across all countries, jurisdictions, and markets. We empower our partners to reimagine and transform their business models, identify cost savings opportunities, and deliver sustainable energy experiences. Anticipate the future, Champion Innovation, and Unlock New Potential by leveraging years of extensive experience and deep-domain knowledge with Risalat.

Match Your Goals with Our Services and Solutions. We serve the following Segments:

  • Power Transmission and Generation
  • Energy Retail and Customer Experience
  • Conventional Power Generation
  • Renewable Power
  • Clean Tech, Mobility, and Efficiency
  • Market Design, Rates, and Regulation
  • Commodity Trading and Risk Management
  • Distributed Energy Resources

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