Workshop on Advocacy for Education in Kabul


Conducted Three sessions of training workshops for the Swedish Committee of Afghanistan (SCA) during the months of September and October, 2012.

The series of trainings were organized in response to SCA’s request for quotations for conducting the trainings to its School Consultants working with different schools in 12 provinces of Afghanistan. Risalat offered the winning quotation and was asked to conduct the trainings. All the three sessions were conducted at SCA’s Kabul Management Office (KMO).

Each training was a three day event which covered the same topics delivered to three groups of participants, totaling 80 School Consultants (61 male, 19 female) working with different schools. The first session was conducted from 25 to 27 of September, second; 02 to 04 October and third; 09 to 11 October, 2012.


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