Baseline Survey of Social, Security and Economic Situation in Herat, Badghis and Farah Provinces


Implementation of the Baseline Survey which was funded by Stability in Key Areas-West (SIKA-W) – A project of USAID/AECOM and was conducted by Risalat Consultants International (RCI) in three western provinces of Herat, Badghis and Farah covering 210 villages during 15 April – 04 May, 2013. The project was implemented in two major steps Pilot Survey and Actual Survey.

Through this survey, SIKA-W wanted to establish a baseline regarding the present situation of residents in the target districts/villages from security, social and economic points of view. The outcomes of the survey would serve as baseline for projects aimed at improving the overall living conditions of the residents to be implemented by SIKA-W in the target villages.


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