Effective Communication Skills Workshop

Program Intro & Delivery

Effective Communication Skills Workshop was conducted on 24th and 25th of December, 2013. During the program the participants were questions regarding communication related issues they practically faced in their workplace and sought solutions from the Consultant. Group discussions, video sessions showing different scenarios or effective and ineffective communication and practical implementation of some of the concepts where they expressed, in practical terms, their understanding of the discussed topics and in case of discrepancies, got them corrected by the trainer. The trainees were also provided with some formats and templates for use while communicating in different forms on their jobs.

Participating Organizations

Following organizations were represented in Effective Communication Skills Workshop by either one or more participants:

Effect of the Program

For every capacity building program one of the determining factors for its success is the initial improvement that happens in the skills and knowledge of the participants regarding the topics which are discussed during the training. A way to observe this, is through comparing the results from the pre-test and the post-test attempted by the delegates before and after the training program respectively.

In order to assess the delegates’ existing know-how regarding the concepts intended for discussions during the training, there was a brief pre-program test conducted by the consultant, which asked different questions in some of the topics included in the curriculum. Results from this test give a comparison gauge for the end of the program when another, post-program, test is conducted asking slightly different questions from the same topics asked about in the pretest. Results from both tests are compared to assess the progress delegates made during the training program.

Looking at the post test results as well as the practical performance of the trainees towards the end of the workshop show that the trainees learned new concepts and added on their existing knowledge of some of the topics discussed in the workshop. By end of the program a detailed report been shared with participants for further improvement.


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