Human Resource Management Workshop in Kabul


Overview of proceedings of the three days training program on “Human Resource Management” which was conducted for 18 member group of participants introduced by Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan (DHSA), The Killid Group (TKG) at Intercontinental Hotel, Kabul.

The session was conducted as a result of a public bidding by DHSA-TKG for undertaking the assignment which was awarded to Risalat after the submission of the winning proposal. The training was completed, in three days, as planned.

The participants were all coming with some management background and responsibilities for managing a group of sub-ordinates. They belonged to different parts of the organization like The Killid Radio (both Kabul and provincial stations), the magazines published by TKG, and the parent organization, DHSA itself.

Workshop Contents

Risalat conducts HRM trainings & Workshop on a routine basis and the course contents for those programs are more focused on specific aspects of HR management which are aimed at audiences who are directly responsible for managing the personnel and intend to build their basis in the field. However, for this program, some additional topics were added as their suggested delegates were not all from the basic level and they needed some general managerial skills useful not only for HR but other managers as well. The following topics were covered in the training program:

Program Impact

We can conclude that the three day training program was a success and it went ahead very well. The final post-test and the evaluation forms show that the trainees improved on the topics that they had limited information about and after this they will be able to perform their duties in a more organized manner and as a result will prove more productive and fruitful for achieving DHSA-TKG’s goals and objectives.


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