Pension Fund Strategies, Regulation, Governance, and Investment Workshop


Pension Fund Strategies, Regulation, Governance, and Investment workshop was conducted by Risalat Consultants International for the staff members of NSSF Uganda. Program delegates were the Board of Directors of NSSF Uganda: The Chairman, the Managing Director as well as Non-Executive Directors and the Corporation Secretary. The number of participants was 9 in total. The program took place online through Microsoft Teams and lasted for three full days.

The main aim of the program was to replenish the knowledge of participants regarding pension fund strategies, governance models, regulation practices, and investment options. The particular emphasis was made on sharing international experience and best practices both from more advanced countries, as well as similar economies within the region. This particular course discussed the examples of the United Kingdom and Nigeria and linked their practices to the experience of Uganda.

The areas and topics covered include:


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