Procurement, Contract Mgmt. & Effective Negotiation Skills Workshop in Bali


The program over five days took place in the Legian Paradiso hotel on 11-15 November of 2019 by Risalat Consultants International LLC. The attendees of the workshop were high officials of the Timor-Leste National Procurement Commission (NPC). A total of 11 employees have attended throughout the five days. The Program was implemented according to the training needs provided by NPC.

The Program was structured through 6 modules, which cover all phases of Procurement, Contract management, and effective negotiation skills. Each module consisted of at least 4 sessions and lasted for 5 days within the module.

Participants were taken to related agencies in Bali to exchange knowledge on the subject areas and explore the system in place within those agencies for better understanding & improve their skills for better performance when back to work.


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