Road Prioritization and Economic Analysis – HDM4 Training


The program was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan during February 2020 for 15 participants from different countries operating in Road & Construction Industry. Road Prioritization and Economic Analysis – HDM4 Training focused on Systems and programs, survey methods, new materials and pricing methods in a road branch. The followings are main parts covered during the intensive program.

Program Exposures

Road Prioritization & Distress Management Tool 

  1. Road Prioritization and Pavement Condition Rating techniques i.e. PASER, PCI, PCR OR RONET and integration of any prioritization software with GIS.
  2. Paved/Unpaved Roads Deterioration, Distress & Maintenance with pavement condition rating.
  3. Modern Data Collection Techniques for Road Inventory and Pavement Condition Survey (Specially using High Resolution Images by GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques)

HDM-4 Related (For Primary and Secondary Roads) 

Roads Economic Decision Model (RED) Related (For Tertiary Roads)

  1. The Software
  2. Main Economic Evaluation Module
  3. Vehicle Operating Costs Module
  4. Risk Analysis Module
  5. Program Evaluation Module
  6. Model Application on Construction of a New Unpaved Road
  7. Model Application on Upgrading of a Gravel Road
  8. Model Application on Justifying of Maintenance Expenditures.

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