Change Management

Nearly every organization across the globe has acknowledged that change is inevitable and constant. The ability to accustom to market modifications is crucial for the success of the company and many of them have started to learn how to progress along with the change. However, the change in the modern world has taken an exceptionally rapid pace, enhanced importance, and became more complex in nature.

As many as 50% of organizational change projects don’t achieve their objectives, and with large-scale transformation programs, the failure rate jumps to 75%. To avoid falling behind the curve, contemporary organizations must develop custom frameworks for planning, leading, and managing lasting change as well as develop appropriate leadership capabilities to lead the process.

Risalat takes advantage of its extensive experience and helps you design and implement change action plans so that you can seize every opportunity and stay ahead of the competition. Based on our work across public, private, and social domains we know it takes much more than just new structures and processes to make changes that last. Risalat employs behavioral science to lead the change by considering the insights from psychology, cognitive, and social science. We build and reinforce positive habits, nurture inspiring leadership, genuine engagement, and innovative thinking to meet the ends of truly impactful change.

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