Develop and grow your Franchise from selling the very first contract to breaking into international franchising.


Our Team of Expert Franchise Consultants can help you develop and grow your Franchise from selling the very first contract to breaking into international franchising. We drive customer engagement and focus on creating truthful relationships with our clients by tailoring individual solutions to their unique franchising needs.

We Match Our Services to Your Business Aspirations

Franchise Development

We help you build the entire infrastructure and set you up to become a Successful Franchisor. From Registration and Franchise Agreements to Franchise Disclosure Document and Operations Manual all the way to Brand Policies, Royalty Determination, and Training Support – Risalat can transform Franchising into a simple, smooth, and hassle-free Process.

Lead Generation and Sales Support

Generate, Qualify, and Close Franchise Sales Leads in the most cost-efficient manner with Risalat’s proven fine-tuned techniques. Over the extensive years of experience, we have cultivated a series of lead generation strategies that highlight the best parts of your business and showcase them to franchisees.

Real Estate Assistance

The Location of the business can make or break the franchise. We respond to client’s specific real estate needs with creative, cost-effective, and responsive solutions. We utilize industry insights and local market expertise to leverage our resources in a way that matches the best with our clients’ needs. From Tenant Representation to Site Selection all the way to Market Research, Lease Negotiations, and Finance Consulting – Risalat is there to guide you through the entire journey.

International Expansion

If you aspire to expand your brand internationally through master license sales, Risalat can help you accomplish the goal. Our Services include country/area identification, strategy setting, choosing the right candidates, and defining the transaction process.

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