Every single bite of food we consume links us with an extensive web of farmers, food manufacturers, retailers, and traders. In the contemporary world, the demand for Agribusiness products is rapidly increasing both in scope and structure. The global food system is expected to satisfy nearly 10 billion people with safe and nutritious food by as soon as 2050. This challenge is exacerbated by a growing number of farmers that completely depend on the agriculture industry as a livelihood and the enhanced environmental footprint that farming activities have.

Addressing a combination of aforementioned concerns and maintaining sustainable growth can be oftentimes challenges for many organizations be it Small and Medium-Sized Domestic Agribusinesses or large multinational companies. This is where you might require a thorough understanding of the unique dynamics and economics of agricultural markets and the entire industry value chain. If you are seeking to constantly grow and elevate performance by introducing innovative and sustainable practices to your daily operations, you are at the right place.

Drawing on extensive and diversified experience within the Agriculture sector, Risalat applies a unique point of view to agricultural trends and opportunities. We build proven success-models that consistently produce first-rate results. Having completed dozens of successful engagements with leading companies within the sector, we are proud to offer fully tailored solutions from ground-level operational guidance to complex investment advice. Optimize the yields, navigate disruptive agricultural trends, and prepare for policy shifts with Risalat.

Our core areas of focus include:

  • Agriculture Development and Food Security
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Strategy Activation/Execution
  • Operating Model
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Sustainable Change and Transformation
  • Go-to-Market Strategy, Price Optimization, and Sales Execution
  • Digitalization
  • M&A Strategy and Transaction Support

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