Advanced GIS/QGIS Program in Dubai


Advanced GIS/QGIS Workshop was conducted by Risalat Consultants International for the staff of Dubai City Wall International Group – ProSoft. The program took place in Dubai, UAE and lasted for 5 consecutive days. The number of participants was 4 in total. First 4 days of the program were dedicated to in-class sessions, and the last day was devoted to exposure tour. Each day the program lasted from 10 am. (Dubai Time) to 5 pm. (Dubai Time).

The main aim of the program was to replenish and advance the knowledge of participants regarding GIS/QGIS. This program equipped its delegates with the skills and knowledge to build web based QGIS applications as well as QGIS systems capture, store, check, and data display with respect to specific locations on the Earth’s surface.

Throughout the course of the program, its participants gained knowledge and new insights regarding the following:


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