International Procurement Management Workshop Thailand


Upon complete of participants assessment, the program was conducted over 17 – 18 March, 2013 in the Radisson Suite Hotel in central Thailand. The program was more relevant to professionals involved in a way or another in the procurement procedures taking place in their organizations. All the delegates who participated in this workshop have procurement responsibility to both support administration activities and projects that their organizations are undertaking. They came from the Save the Children International (SCI) and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation & Development (MRRD)

The training spanned over a two-day period and was delivered by Mr. Gene the Principal Consultant at Risalat Consultants with experience in several countries including UK, Australia and Thailand. Gene has lived in Southeast Asia for the past ten years and is an experienced consultant, trainer and facilitator. During the past few years, he has worked in Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia and has led various training programs with participants from over 20 nationalities during this time.

The consultant opened each topic with questions for the participants to share their knowledge and experiences. The expert then used effective delivering techniques mapped from the assessment results as well to build their knowledge and quip them with necessary tools.

Major Topics Covered In This Workshop

The topics with the greatest participant interest were:

Major Topics Covered in the Program:

Program ended with an evaluation which was aimed at obtaining participants’ views about different aspects of the program for quality assurance. From the venue to the effectiveness and coverage of the topics, and from the consultant’s knowledge and preparedness to their overall impression of the whole experience.


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