PCM & RBM Workshops


The workshops on Project Cycle Management and Results Based Management (PCM & RBM) conducted by Risalat in two sessions 11 – 14 June, 2012 & 18 – 21 June, 2012 for the staff from several partner organizations working with Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA). The program was conducted at the SCA Kabul Management Office (KMO) and the sessions lasted for four days each.

The program was organized after acceptance of RCI’s proposal submitted to SCA (in response to an RFP released by SCA) for training of 41 staff members from around 20 SCA partner organizations operating in different sectors in several provinces of the country.

Under the PCM the participants were told about the different stages in a project’s life cycle and how to handle them in order for the project to be successful. Under the RBM, training participants learned about how to focus on the end result from the beginning and what is the importance of managing projects with the end in mind, i.e. deciding on the beginning of the project while focusing on the end product. In the beginning the trainer started with a general introduction where all the participants introduced themselves, their organizations and the nature of projects they are currently working on.

The following topics were discussed during each two part session of the four day workshop:

Project Cycle Management

Results Based Management


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