Professional Report Writing Workshop in Herat, Afghanistan


Conducted two days workshop on “Professional Report Writing” for 15 members of the provincial staff of AECOM SIKA-W in Herat, Afghanistan.

A total of 15 participants from different sections of the SIKA-W headquarters in Herat and their provincial offices in Ghor, Badghis and Farah, and some partner organizations were invited for participation in the training. Most of the participants were mid-level employees of SIKA-W who
are responsible for preparing and submitting reports either about their own or their subordinates’ activities in the field.

The session was conducted as a result of a public bidding by SIKA-W for implementation of the training program which was awarded to Risalat Consultants Int’ in result of submitting the winning proposal. The training was completed, as planned, in two days 04 – 05 November, 2013 in Herat, Afghanistan.

Main topics covered in the program
Workshop Evaluation

An overall performance and content evaluation was conducted by RCI with the purpose of identifying areas needing improvement and issues in need of being resolved.


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