Training on HR Management in Afghanistan


The training on Human Resource Management was a three day event 10 – 12 November 2013 conducted at Risalat Kabul office. The participants were mid-level management at the Human Resource departments of their respective organizations.

The training contents for the HRM program are designed with concepts which talk about analyzing the situation and identifying a need for Human Resources and the nature of that need in any given organization. After the need analysis the process of recruiting and selecting the required personnel are discussed. This is followed by steps taken for training and developing the hired employees and compensating their work. Appraising the employee performance was discussed which was followed by a discussion on how to retain good employees.

The trainer also presented concepts and ideas regarding techniques for improving personal productivity in employees, ways to ensure health and safety of the staff, measures to be taken in order to maintain an ethically positive environment in the organization and to utilize diversity in the workforce for the benefit of the firm.

The training delivery from the trainer was accompanied by group discussions, questions and answers and idea sharing by participants relating the topics under discussion to their day to day activities. Similarly there were practical activities performed by the trainees which were for the purpose of exercising and practicing the concepts they were presented by the program consultant.

A post-test and an end of program evaluation were conducted at the end of the third day. The post-test is used as an assessment of participants’ gains from the workshop and the level of their improvement on the topics discussed.

The evaluations are conducted by RCI with the purpose of maintaining an ever improving level of service quality, and improving on any issues present during the workshop which need attention in future programs. The evaluation asked different questions regarding the training – from the list of topics discussed during the program to the teaching skills of the trainer to the overall program effectiveness for the participants when they go back to their work.

Major Topics Covered In This Workshop
Program Participants

In this workshop one or more participants had participated from the following organizations

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