Monitoring and Evaluation Workshop


The program conducted during 25th to 27th of December for a group of 15 participants came from The Asia Foundation-Afghanistan (TAF) Kabul and Handicap International’s Herat office, employees of Herat’s Directorate of Health and DRRD. They were all mid-level employees who are involved in Monitoring and Evaluation of projects, activities and procedures either inside their organizations or on different sites where projects are implemented.

At the end of the third day there was an evaluation conducted by program consultants which was aimed at gauging the knowledge and understanding gained by the participants about the topics discussed during the training and how much they have improved after taking the training.

With the purpose of maintaining an ever improving level of service quality, an overall course evaluation was conducted at the end of the program which asked the trainees about their views regarding different aspects of the training – from the list of topics discussed during the program to the teaching skills of the trainer and the overall program effectiveness for their day to day activities on the job. at the end detailed program report shard with participants.

Some of  the Program Topics


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