Operations & Financial Management Training


Operations & Financial Management Training conducted in Bangkok during 04-08 June, 2015. The attendees were from GIZ Afghanistan and Raleigh International India. The program was planned and conducted part of Risalat TNA in the areas of operations and financial management for NGOs. Based on the gathered data, the program was designed to equip the related staff members of the organization in this program with needed knowledge and tools for better performance in the workplace.

The program held highly interactive and results-oriented delivery methodologies were used by the program consultants for maximum gain of participants. The evaluation results shows delegates found the program as one of the most highly interactive and insightful training they’ve ever attended.

The main contents covered during the program:

Along with the program preparation, visas and travel arrangement was done by Risalat travel management team for smooth participation of delegates. During the program planning, pre-assessment was conducted for each participant to better understand the attendees specific reasons of attendance  and their expectations to best prepare the program as per participants’ needs. During the Operations & Financial Management Training the attendees were provided by all the necessary materials, from reading manual to exercises, practical tools, cases, real examples etc. Program evaluation was conducted and report was submitted to the respective organizations.

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