Project Cycle Management Training


Five days training program on Project Cycle Management was conducted for 21 participants introduced by Afghanistan Education Production Organization (AEPO) at their offices in Kabul during March 2016. The program was conducted as a result of a public bidding by BBC/AEPO for undertaking the assignment which was awarded to Risalat Consultants International after submitting the winning proposal.

The main purpose of the Project Cycle Management Training was to increase the level of knowledge and build the capacity of the AEPO personnel to be able and handle their day-to-day project activities as well as plan properly for their upcoming projects. Meanwhile, to develop the capacity of the AEPO staff to become fully knowledgeable and integrate existing knowledge and skills into the AEPO project performance efficiency at AEPO. The participants were all coming with some management background and responsibilities for managing a group of sub-ordinates.

Main contents covered during the program

Facilitation Techniques

The primary mode of facilitation was modified sessions with enough time for discussions and Q&A sessions with practical group exercises, The participants appreciated the training methodologies specifically the discussion and practical group exercises in which they were able to share their own opinions and input to prepare and developed the problem tree, objective tree, Logical frame work matrix and Monitoring & Evaluation plan during the five days training the following training methods were used:

a. Modified lecture
b. Discussion
c. Asking and answering
d. Brainstorming
e. Group discussion
f. Group working
g. Brainstorming and
h. Practical working

The practical work included, participants working on some parts of the projects they already knew about and implementing what they had discussed during the training. Problems in them were pointed out and improvements were devised on each specific instance.

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