Coronavirus Interruption and Catching up with 2020 Plans

It’s been lesser than 3 months since our world has first heard of novel coronavirus disease. Commenced in the city of Wuhan, China in late December, now it is spreading worldwide at an alarming rate, affecting over 169000 people across the globe. The sudden outbreak of COVID19 has brought several significant consequences to our daily lives, be it health, economic, social or mental and the cumulative impact is yet to appear. We have already seen thousands passing away, with far greater number isolated, detached from their works, family and friends. Economic burden caused by the disease seems to be no lesser, with demonstrated sharp market decline in the short-run, expected increase in unemployment levels and intensified fears of global recession. Even though, world has experienced similar epidemics in the past as well, such as SARS, MERS or Ebola, this pandemic has proved to be extremely complex to be contained or controlled.

As an individual, small business owner or corporate lead, you might find yourself in complicated and hazy situation, where waiting sounds to be the only feasible solution. However, you might overlook the fact that the way to improvement and success always starts with the appropriate planning and preparation. In order to minimize and mitigate the negative impact of COVID19 and other similar emergencies on your organization or personal goals, you shall start thinking strategically from now. Sometimes, crisis can alter the way we see things around us and give rise to changes that result in higher growth and economic or social benefits. Some of the good questions to start with could be:

  • How to ensure the safety and protect the health of my workers until the pandemic fades away?
  • How can I minimize the impact of COVID19 and similar emergencies on my business through the appliance of technology?
  • Is remote work option for me and my organization? If so, how do I ensure maximum productivity of my employees? How do I exercise appropriate control?
  • Which HR policies and programs do I need to mitigate the impact of the disease on my employees?
  • How to ensure business continuity with no or minimal reduction in the number of workforce?
  • How to optimize current business processes and achieve increased efficiency?
  • How to catch up with yearly plans? What is the best way to compensate incurred losses and damages?
  • Should we expand or narrow down the market focus?
  • What is the Competitive advantage of my organization? How do I use the competitive edge in this situation?
  • How do Governmental Policies and Regulations for Crisis Management affect me or my business? How to utilize the benefits provided by Governments in the most effective way.
  • What lessons can we learn? Does my organization need to design/redesign crisis management and emergency response mechanism?

Sometimes, you might have difficulties managing the situation with your own resources and capacity. If that is the case, asking for professional help can be the best idea. Our field experts and professionals at Risalat can help you design and customize emergency preparedness and crisis management plans that meet the specific needs of your organization in the most effective way. We can help you to find the best possible solution to recover your business, compensate losses and ensure continuity and growth in the long run.

Contact us today that we put things into prospect for you.

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