Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Launch & Successful Operations

Join us on Thursday, 4th November at 6 PM GMT+4 on this Webinar on Entrepreneurship – From Idea to Launch & Successful Operations

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Duration: 1.5 Hours | Via Zoom

Entrepreneurship has a growing role in achieving social and economic development objectives. It contributes significantly to economic advancement and prosperity through high-growth enterprises providing income and employment to thousands across the globe. The key to successful entrepreneurship is the ability to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. Although the idea is what matters the most, it cannot be viable unless you know how to think and plan strategically, resolve real-world operational challenges, and assess risks well in advance.

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You’ll learn about:

  • Setting up a new venture – What does it involve?
  • The most common reasons why startups fail
  • Developing the Idea
  • Utilizing Market Opportunities
  • New Venture Setup and Operations

About the presenter:

Distinguished C-level professional with over 10 years of demonstrated expertise delivering mission-critical results. Exhibiting outstanding communication and cross-cultural team management skills and exemplary Entrepreneurial attitude for optimal profitability. Ambitious team leader adept at creating strategic alliances with organizational leaders and effectively aligning with and supporting key business initiatives.

Abdul Rahim Rasul

Executive Director, Risalat Consultants International

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