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Program Overview

If we ask most employees about what could be improved in their organization/management/Leadership, most of the topics at the top of the list will be related to Communication and Interpersonal Skills. Organizations today suffer more not because they don’t have good policies, procedures and systems in place, rather they suffer from lack of effective interpersonal skills in their managers and people who deal and interact with the workforce on a daily basis.

Through interactive presentations, practical exercises and group activities, Persuasive Leadership Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam over 5 days will help you discover a wide range of skills and techniques in mastering the skills of effectively communicating, influencing and leading your team towards success and achieving your team’s and organization’s goals.

Target Audience

This workshop can be beneficial for Project Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, and anyone who at one time or another is expected to lead a group of people towards achieving a common goal.

Program Objectives

After attending this program, participants will learn about:

  • The importance of persuasive skills in leading the organization
  • How to delegate authority and still get the desired results
  • How to manage conflicting situations
  • Techniques for motivating employees in to working for the organization.

Organizational Impact

  • Develop managers who can lead their teams more effectively
  • Enable participants to develop skills for mitigating and avoiding conflicts in their teams and in the organization
  • Develop a cadre of managers and leaders who will be able to develop cohesive and bonded teams of workforce, working in full harmony
  • Help delegates get the jobs on hand done more efficiently.

Personal Impact

Acquire skills which will put you in the lead and enable you to effectively communicate with, influence and motivate your work team and get the job done in a more organized, effective and timely manner.

Program Contents

Core Concepts covered in this program are:

  • Influencing and Power
  • Persuading
  • The Significance of Delegation
  • The 5 Ps of Coaching
  • The power of Feedback as a Motivational Tool
  • Getting the Message Across
  • Resolving Conflicts Together
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Leading Effective Team Meetings.

Program Methodology

The methodology used is designed to encourage maximum participation by all delegates. The presenter will suggest ideas and theories to the delegates and then encourage them to test out the ideas by the use of discussion, small group work, exercises and feedback. Each day of the seminar will end by delegates completing their own record of what has been learned on the day and considering how the ideas might be transferred back to the workplace.

Registration Information

Program Name: Persuasive Leadership Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Program Code: PLP21H

Program Dates: 02 – 06 August 2021

Registration Closes on: 30 June 2021

Venue: The Reverie Saigon

Program Fee: $2950

Fee Covers: Visa Assistance (complementary), Participant Assessment, Airport Pickup, Accommodation, Wi-Fi, Breakfast, Workshop Kit, Interactive workshop, Program Materials, Local Expert, Practical Activities, Lunch, Refreshments, City Map, Field Visit, Certificate & Entertaining Tour.

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